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Commission Work

Colored pencil drawings are time-intensive and require layers and layers of color to produce a finished work. Therefore, for the time being, I am only doing commissioned portraits that are 8 ½ x 11 inches in this medium.

The price for a commissioned portrait is $350.00 USD. I require a non-refundable deposit of $175.00 to commence work on the piece. This includes labour and materials (i.e. specialty art paper, colored pencils, fixatives).  Shipping is extra. 

In our consultation should you decide to use my services we will talk about timelines (each commission’s timeline will vary dependent on the complexity of the subject). Commissions will be done as they are received.


As an artist, I rely on referrals and as such, I would appreciate it if you could provide a testimonial of my work once I am done. I would share this on my social media platforms and on my website.

This is a black and white dog created in color pencil. It is sititng on an easel right next to a reference image.

Photos are key to a good pet portrait. I can't emphasize this enough; the better the photo, the easier it is to use as a reference.


I will ask that you provide me with several high-resolution photos of your pet. If the eyes on that image are not clear, it is difficult to try and replicate it from another photo. So at least one photo that you provide me should check all the boxes. It should clearly show the animals eyes (colour), nose structure, as well as fur texture and direction. 

It is important that when you do get a coloured pencil portrait that it is framed under glass to protect it from dust, moisture, or damaging sunlight. Even though I work with archival paper and other products, this alone can't protect them from the damaging effects of the sun. They should be kept in a location away from direct sunlight. 

Please note: Only when I am satisfied that I can work with the photos you provide me will I take on the commission.

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