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  • I want to get a pet portrait commission done. Where can I find this information to work with you?
    Visit the tab on the menu bar that is labeled commissions. In it, I outline what I need from you in order to complete a commission. Once you have reviewed this information we can arrange to have a meeting by phone or over zoom at a time convenient for both of us. To commission a pet portrait, you can reach out to me through the contact form on my website or via email. We'll discuss your requirements, such as size, reference photos, and any specific details you'd like to include. Once we agree on the details, I'll provide you with a quote and an estimated timeline.
  • Can I request any changes or modifications?
    With color pencil once layers have been laid down it is difficult to make any adjustments without damaging the paper. That is why it is important to discuss how I approach the drawing in our consultation. If the reference photos I have to work with are not of a good quality I will not take on the commission.
  • Caring For Your Artwork
    Colored pencil art is delicate and requires proper care to ensure it lasts long. The most important thing you have to recognize is that they cannot be exposed to direct sun or excessive moisture. Even when using lightfast high quality pencils and other products they can only do so much.
  • Other Places You Can Find Me
    In addition to this website you can also find me on my YouTube Channel, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, my blog and in my weekly newsletter "The Artpreneur." Facebook - YouTube - Instagram - Pinterest -
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