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6 ways to unleash Your creativity No matter your age

Let's talk about something that holds immense value to us—embracing the art of creativity, regardless of our age. Here are just some of the things that I have learned in my own art journey.

It's Never Too Late: Let's address the elephant in the room—age. Trust me when I say there's no expiration date on creativity. You may have just found me and you may not know that I didn't start a regular art practice until my 50s. Your unique life experiences, wisdom, and perspective infuse your art with a richness that comes with every passing year.

Take Those Baby Steps: Beginning your artistic journey doesn't mean diving headfirst into producing masterpieces. Trust me that is a beginner mistake, we all want to create on big canvases. I have done this. I have a graveyard of paintings that have never been completed and are relegated to the basement. My advice, save money and time, by painting smaller pieces. Trust me you are still going to learn from each and every one of them.

Small gouache studies
Small studies Give Big Results

Get Curious About Art: Experiment with different mediums, techniques, and styles. I recently re-enrolled in Bonnie Christine's Immersion program all about surface pattern design. It has really opened up a whole new world of creation for me. I am really looking at the world around me with new eyes. Remember the side of you as a child that found the wonder all around you. That is what I am talking about. Get out of your comfort zone like I did and learn something new. For me that was learning how to create art digitally. Adobe Illustrator isn't as intimidating as I thought, thanks to Bonnie's course.

Me taking notes in Bonnie Christine's course
Learning Surface Pattern Design

Seek Inspiration and Support: I know many of you have already connected with me and shared your own artistic journeys. I am all about collaboration over competition. Don't forget, you're not alone in this adventure. Seek out inspiration from fellow artists, explore art books, visit galleries, and take advantage of online resources. Engage with art communities, both offline and online, where you can share ideas, seek advice, and learn from each other.

Embrace Learning with Joy: Learning should be a joyful experience, don't you agree? By the way "Joy" is my middle name. You can thank my mother for that. The word "Joy" is also in my Instagram handle @lisajoyartist. Consider joining art classes, workshops, or exploring online tutorials. There is bound to be something that will interest you and most of all fit your schedule. Remember, we're all on a lifelong journey of discovery.

Celebrate Your Unique Voice: Your art is an expression of your authentic self. Embrace your uniqueness and let your artistic voice soar. Have you ever went to a paint party or took an in-person art course? Remember how you might be one of a dozen people working on a painting but in the end everyone's artwork had it's own distinct style. That is what I am talking about. Don't get caught up in the pursuit of perfection—embrace the imperfections, as they give your art character and authenticity. Trust yourself and your creative instincts.

It really is as simple as that, by taking just small actions each day you can grow as an artist. Tell me what one thing you are going to do or have done to get back to your art? I would love to hear from you.

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