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Lisa Lammi standing in her artroom choosing color pencils

Create Color Pencil Pet Portraits With Confidence

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Don't wait for someday to start an art practice 

 What if I told you, it really isn't about a lack of time, money, or talent. It has to do with intention. When you finally make the commitment your life will change. Art is just that powerful. 

Artist smiling to the camera sitting at her art easel pencil in hand.
A border collie pet portrait next to the actual dog

I've been exactly
where you are

I always say art found me.  I loved to draw as a child. But, growing up art was never thought of as a career path.

I spent the past few decades like so many others working in various careers that just didn't fulfill me. I knew something was missing. That was when I found color pencil and rediscovered that childhood love of art.
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